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National Beer Wholesalers Association

Meet Northern Trust: The institution uniquely qualified to support America’s beer distributors and the families who own them.

A Message from Steve Fradkin

Why Northern Trust

At Northern Trust, we have a commercial banking and wealth management practice solely focused on serving beer distributor clients. This means bringing creative loan and wealth management solutions, strong credit appetite, strategic advice and our best‐in‐class client service standards to the middle tier.

Beverage Expertise

  • Experience with all major transaction types: brand purchases, acquisitions/mergers, warehouse strategies, ownership buyouts, large distributions, etc.
  • Proprietary, data‐driven tools to help you evaluate business decisions: financial benchmarking, brand and company valuation trends, major brand distribution maps, debt capacity analysis
  • Up to date on trends, challenges and opportunities that face the beer industry

Commercial Banking

  • Strong and stable balance sheet to fund opportunities
  • Comprehensive understanding of distribution right values, industry‐specific metrics, and state and federal regulations inform our credit decisions and loan structures

Wealth Management

  • 130+ years of experience advising families and businesses
  • We offer integrated wealth management strategies that address your entire financial plan

Tailored Insights

Meet the Team

Image of Paul Theiss, Senior Managing Director, Commercial Banking

Paul Theiss

Senior Managing Director, Commercial Banking

Paul serves as the Senior Managing Director of our Commercial Banking Group serving privately held and not-for-profit clients. He formerly served as Executive Sponsor of the National Private Equity Advisory Services Group and Northern Trust Corporation's Senior Credit Committee.

Image of Adam Kerbis, Senior Vice President, Beverage Specialty – Commercial Banking

Adam Kerbis

Senior Vice President, Beverage Specialty

Adam is a Senior Vice President in the Commercial Banking Group, based in Chicago. He leads the beverage specialty segment for Commercial Banking and Wealth Management, serving privately-held businesses in the beer distribution, wine and spirits distribution, and soft drink bottling industries.

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