The Entrepreneur's Guide to Building Wealth

In a new guide, we provide advice for building wealth based on insights gleaned from working with generations of entrepreneurs at each stage of the journey — whether you are growing your business or exiting your business and pursuing new opportunities.

Grow Your Business

As you invest the majority of your time and money to grow your business, it is equally important to set the foundation for building and sustaining your long-term wealth. Action items at the top of your priority list should include setting up the optimal entity structure for your company, putting in place an estate plan for your assets and identifying sources of liquidity to fund your personal expenses and financial goals.


Selling your business will be a pivotal wealth event for you and your family, and you may only get one opportunity to do it right. As you embark upon the sale process, it is important to fully evaluate your exit alternatives, implement a robust succession plan for your management team and create a wealth plan for how you will invest and distribute your wealth post-exit.


Successfully exiting your business may provide you with the financial flexibility to chart a new path, whether you choose to start a new business or pursue charitable interests. To sustain the wealth you have worked hard to create, while pursuing new endeavors, it is important to build upon the foundation that you have created pre-exit. Create an infrastructure and team of advisors to oversee your wealth, educate and empower your family to become responsible stewards of your wealth and explore creative ways so that you may use your wealth to make an impact in the world.

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