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2020 Family Office Benchmarking Report

Peer Perspective from the Global Family Office Client Community

The question that we hear most from Global Family Office (GFO) clients is “What are other families like mine doing?” In the midst of so much uncertainty – in our markets, workplaces and the broader world – having access to peer perspective from a trusted community is vital.

Thanks to the generosity of our GFO client community, we are pleased to share these highlights from our 2020 Family Office Benchmarking Survey. This report is intended to help you:

  • benchmark your current activities related to family engagement, service delivery, investments, and technology
  • articulate the value that your team currently provides to the family
  • make a case for additional resources or areas for future investment

Our hope is that this executive summary provides you with a mix of validation of what’s working well in your office and inspiration to move forward on issues that have challenged you. Perhaps you’ll find data within to affirm that your challenges are shared by families like yours or to inspire you to have a conversation with a family member or your Governing Board that you might not have otherwise had.

We invite you to request the full report in order to explore the strategies and practices used by some of the world’s leading family offices.

Key Findings